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Potluck is the debut album from Appomattox Trap House featuring production from a wide variety of influences and sources. It incorporates soul sampling, reggae, 808s, autotune and 90s Dre-esque vibes. It's an honest journey through the minds of its two protagonists, an intimate, energetic and funny portrayal of the human experience as we know it.


released March 23, 2014

Executive produced, mixed & mastered by Justin (DJ Shalamar) Enoch




Appomattox Trap House

Not the Cabbage Patch Kids

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Track Name: Laurel Canyon (Feat. Casey Riscoe) (Prod. BagelMan)
[Verse 1]
Picked up a ping-pong paddle
Next to Susan Sarandon
Snoozin in a souped up coupe
Cruising Laurel Canyon
Man, it seems cool enough from where I'm standing
Tummy tucks for Tommy Bahamas
And baby mamas that are too demanding
California, California
Cornucopia of branding
Grandstanding at the Man Chinese
Manhandle Chloe Moretz-eez
Please, she drops to her knees
Don't sneeze from smog
Where my Hollywood star could be
Wave to the aristocracy
Rodeo's where I lost my keys,
I been away for too long from California breeze

From a place under the sun,
The City of Angels has made me
One devilish son
Still remember when I packed it up
I was barely one
Little boxes on the hills
Of Laurel Canyon

[Verse 2]
Cedar Sinai's where we first me
Gymboree took some first steps
Princess Leia's daughter was a new friend
Probably hotter in a new Benz
Only as good as your purchase
Louis bags and Gucci purses
Show the tag
Tell em what the worth is
From the cradle to the hearse
It's a race to finish first
With prescriptions from the nurse
It's a blessed curse
Taste the precious dirt of Mulholland Drive earth